3 Tips, 4 Discounts, You'll Never Have to Fear WannaCry Again!

Tip #1 Regular cloud backups provide consistent protection
Too busy to back-up? Don't worry. ASUS WebStorage automatically backs up your data 24/7! Even after a WannaCry infection, you can simply reinstall your OS and restore all your data from the cloud with absolutely zero loss.
Tip #2 Remote Drive is a safe haven from threats
USB drives have now evolved to the cloud! Remote Drive is your file explorer on the cloud. It extends your hard drive space and provides access to your data across different devices. No need to worry about taking up hard drive space or ransomware like WannaCry!
Tip #3 Take advantage of our 30-day unlimited multi-version backups
Every change is recorded, every version of your work is preserved, be it documents, design images or program files. No need to start over even if WannaCry gets to your latest work.


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"Anti-WannaCry Cloud Backup Offer"!

Double protection for your PC against the WannaCry threat!
Purchase any cloud storage at list price and get Trend Micro anti-ransomware software for FREE.

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【How do I obtain my Trend Micro anti-virus software serial number?】

1. After purchasing your cloud storage at list price, please email your ASUS WebStorage account ID to our customer service center
2. Please use this as the subject : Anti-WannaCry Cloud Backup Offer - I would like to receive my Trend Micro Maximum Security. We will email your Trend Micro anti-virus software serial number to your registered email address within 7 days of receiving your email. (Limited to one device)
3. Above offers cannot be used at the same time.

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