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Cloud ConnectLittle helper in the office - Cloud Connect for Outlook!

Users of Microsoft Outlook all might have experienced the inability to send email at some point due to large attachment. Many users have resorted to flash drives, FTP, and even splitting the file; however, this not only creates an inconvenience for the clients but at the same time decreases communication efficiency. All these are simply caused by the inability for Microsoft Outlook to send email with attachment over 20MB.

Cloud Connect for Outlook transforms the way you send email to increasing productivity!

Cloud Connect for Outlook helps eliminate the frustration over the inability to send emails with large attachments. It automatically uploads the attachment to ASUS WebStorage Cloud Storage creating an exclusive sharing link which is then sent directly to the client via email. Not only does this overcome Microsoft Outlook’s limitation but also increase world productivity at the same time.

Cloud Connect

WebStorage web Enhancements!

  1. Space Move Function :
  2. Files saved in either MySyncFolder or My Collection can be moved freely allowing for more efficient way of using and managing your Cloud Storage.
  3. Cloud Recycle bin :
  4. What to do when you accidentally delete a file?
    Don’t worry, with the new Recycle bin, all your files can be safely recovered after accidental deletion offering another layer of protection.
  5. MySyncFolder version control system :
  6. Besides automated file sync, MySyncFolder now offers the ability to manage multiple versions of the same file. Now you can easily access files synced in the past, up to 20 versions!
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